Gerard Jansen, Store Manager IKEA Damansara 

Magnus joined us as Regional Human Resource Manager at a time where we needed a People strategist to lead us in building a solid people agenda. He very quickly and systematically  managed to get our organisation on a 3 year plan focusing on areas from which to build a strong people foundation. Through his leadership and guidance, we have managed to secure that strong foundation for growing our people. Today, we are managing not only to do more business but we are doing better business through higher productivity and better competence. We have reduced staff turnover. We have increased co-worker engagement, and we have today a more strategic and conscious approach to working with succession-planning. In short, we are truly on the road to making Ikano Retail Asia a great place to work.

I believe Magnus greatest strengths are that he listens and that he truly cares – a potent combination. Because he truly listens, he is able to identify the exact needs and concerns of the people. Because he really cares, he always works hard to help people identify their development needs and overcome obstacles and fears. This wins him the trust and confidence of the people, getting the team on board and committed to his agenda very quickly. Magnus also has a strong belief that the way forward is to build local competence and local leadership.

I have worked 20 years at IKEA, and I rate Magnus as one of the most effective and competent HR professional I have worked with at IKEA. As a co-worker, I rate him as one of the most sincere and warm colleague I have worked with.


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