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How I work


It is your own aspiration that sets the tone of how much effort you would like to spend to build and operate your people practises.


I enter your business with an open mind, having a non judgemental approach and together we identify what is relevant for you.


It is about today and tomorrow and the key initiatives we formulate together gives us an idea of how much we are prepared to invest to reach the future we would like to see. 

Building business relationship

About me

Magnus Fristedt

  • Passion for people as an integrated part of the business.
  • A firm believer that if people are offered opportunities to participate in setting targets, reviewing the progress and learning in the process – great things happens.
  • Very much is about leadership, a key to create an inspiring working atmosphere.
  • An influencing and involving leadership style, good listener and make things happen.



Magnus Fristedt

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